Best Application to Manage Poultry Farming

Poultry Farm Mobile App

PassCode Tech has developed a custom-made poultry farm mobile application to manage all aspects of poultry farming. It manages expenses, sales, medications, vaccinations as wells as daily feedings and egg collections. Our solution also offers flock management in which birds are categorized as chicks, hens, cocks, ducks, and more. With this application from PassCode, you can track production, management and finances of your poultry farm. Poultry farm owners will also be able to keep track of eggs collected, bird weight, feed, vaccinations, mortality, income and expenses, and lot’s more! Advantages of our poultry management mobile application include-

  • Control your poultry farm wherever and whenever from your mobile hone
  • Automatic updates for latest features
  • Everything in one platform
  • Simple to use and cost effective
  • Highly secure